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TSSDC Engineering Department - An Overview

The Corporation is having 16 Processing Plants in different districts. At present the total processing capacity is 5,19,000qtls. and storage capacity was 4,36,500. 12 Processing Plants are of its own and 4 Processing Plants are erected in hired godowns. All the plants run with the existing staff 4 Shift Operators, 1 Junior Engineer headed by Manager(Engg)i/c.

The entire infrastructure i.e. Construction of godowns, Processing plants and Electrification works are created with the funds received under Grant in Aid from Govt. of India and Govt. of Telangana under different schemes.


  • The Engineering activities of the Corporation starting with Seed processing, Project planning, Procurement of Seed processing machines and allied equipment, Steel pallets for storage, Vehicles, Erections of Seed processing lines, construction of buildings, Processing plant cum Seed storage godowns, obtaining Industrial Power supply and Industrial electrification.
  • Correspondence with Government of India, State Government, NSC and other Organizations for establishment of Seed Processing Plants under different schemes that comes up from time to time.
  • Acquisition of Lands, Planning and Design of Seed Processing Plants, Godowns, Lighting and Industrial Electrification, Civil Works to the New Projects based on the Data and estimates and finalization of e-Tenders etc.
  • Preparation of Budget estimates and preparation of Agenda Notes to Board pertaining to purchase of new equipment and Launching of new projects etc.,
  • Appointing Transport Contractors yearly basis by inviting Tenders for transportation of Seeds, packing material, Certification material, Machinery etc.,
  • Concluding agreements with Transport contractors, Cold storage Godown owners and where required for the purchase of machinery, Civil works.
  • Obtaining licenses, Approval of plans from the Department of Factories, permissions from Gram Panchayats, Pollution Control Board, Small Scale Industries and renewals in regular intervals.
  • Repairs and Maintenance of processing machinery, Buildings/ godowns, electrical and vehicles.
  • Construction of Processing plant cum Godowns and Office Buildings etc.
  • Hiring of Godowns, Cold storage godowns, Office Buildings and Vehicles as and when needed.
  • Insurance coverage of Plant, machinery, godowns, buildings, lab equipment and seed stocks under different policies.
  • Stamping of weigh bridges, weighing scales from Department of Legal Metrology and regular maintenance service contracts.
  • Mobilization of staff and equipment from time to time and place to place depending on the processing requirement.
  • Taking up processing through custom processing in needy units for timely completion of processing.
  • Review and taking Advance Action in procurement of machinery spare parts required for repair and maintenance of processing plants.
  • Preparation of Estimates for Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Works.
  • To ensure the optimum utilization of installed processing & storage capacities so as to minimize the cost of processing and ensure availability of timely and adequate power supplies etc.
  • Purchase of Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners as per the requirement by the units and Head office.
  • Purchase of processing equipment lines (Pre-cleaner, Fine cleaners, Gravity separator, De-stoner, elevators, bins, generators and other allied equipment etc.,) and erections.
  • Condemnation of old un-serviceable machinery, vehicles and other Engineering items.


Quantity in Qtls
Sl.No Name of the Unit Name of the District Existing Storage Godowns Proposed Storage Godowns 2015-16 and 2016-17 Existing seed processing machinery Proposed Seed Processing Machinery Remarks
Paddy G.Nut Soyabean Paddy G.Nut Soyabean
1 Wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar 35000 20000 20000 (2Nos.) 15000(2Nos)
2 Nidamanoor Nalgonda 31500 (2Nos)
3 Nandipahad 53508 48032 20000 (3Nos) 10000(1No)
4 Arempula Khammam 20000 27000 (2Nos)
5 Raghunathapalem 28000 10000(1No)
6 Madikonda Warangal 52000 60500 (3 Nos.)
7 Govindraopet 20000 10000(1No)
8 Kothapally Karimnagar 70000 10000 65000(3Nos) 10000(1No)
9 Thimmapur 10000
10 Sarangapur Nizamabad 62000 25000 51500(4Nos) 10000(1No)
11 Armoor 26000 1000(1No) 10000(1Nos) 10000(1No)
12 Jeedimetla Rangareddy 38000 35000 22500(3Nos)
13 Jogipet Medak 10000 10000 10000(1Nos)
14 Nirmal Adilabad 30416
Total 414508 188448 318000 10000 30000 15000 30000